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  Bio-Tec Environmental, a privately owned company located in New Mexico (USA) that is specialized organic biodegradable plastic additives devoted to inventing, producing and promoting environmentally-conscious biodegradable products and solutions world wide.

 EcoPureTM is registered trade mark of Bio-Tec Environmental products in global marketplace.

 Our company Polimernet Plastik San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. is an exclusive distributor and licence provider of Bio-Tec Environmental LLC with it's long term experience and business expertise in plastics market. 

* EcoPure is not a new polymer or strached based plastic.

* EcoPure is a proprietary blend of organic materials in pellet form that when introduced to the molecular chain by scissoring the polymer, it attracts the microbes that currently break down plastic into an inert humus-like form and is completely 100% biodegradable in ladfill or composting conditions.

  EcoPure has two major commercial grades . EcoPure G1 and EcoPure G2.

* EcoPure does not effect the production systems, settings or machines currently in use in factories, can find further use without reservation.

* EcoPure additive biological decomposition does not in any way affect the quality and performance of your products over their service life.

  When your product has finished it’s useful life—whether that’s months as a plastic bottle or years as a car fender— and makes it’s way to a landfill or compst pile, it breaks down biologically.

  Oil in itself is an organic compound, after the cracking process the required materials to allow the microbes to sense the hydrocarbons are burnt out. We allow these microbes to once again sense the material and consume the entire polymer chain efficiently and effectively. By introducing our product into your feeder system just like a colorant you are enabling the microbes to sense the hydrocarbons within the polymer chain turning your plastic product into CO2 (Aerobically) CH4 (Anaerobically), biomass and water.

* Did you know that this year 20% of the electricity in the State of New Jersey will be generated by using Methane from Landfills. 


  EcoPure works in the most common plastics in use today. It has extensively tested in the following type of plastics and the principal products they are used to make, including:

- Polystyrene (PS)
- Polypropylene (PP)
- Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)  (*
EcoPure G2)
- Polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE)
- Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
- Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
- Polyurethane (PU)
- Polyamide (PA)
- Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

   Most plastics are made by converting monomers to polymers. This makes the material extremely useful, but is also the reason it doesn’t biodegrade in nature did not create a microbe that could feast on polymers because they are not naturally occurring.

   EcoPure changes that. In a basic terms, it causes the polymer chains to break down, but only after it is put in a microbe rich environment,whether in a landfill or a compost pile.  

* Advantages of EcoPure Technology

  EcoPure treated plastic products can be marketed as „biologically degradable“, since they can be biologically degraded oxygen-dependently (Aerobic) or oxygen-independently (Anaerobic). The additional presence of heat, light,physical load or controlled conditions is not necessary. Even with disposal on dumps - in most cases without sufficiently oxygen and/or sunlight – a problem-free biological decomposition will take place. In contrast to other products like Oxo-degredables or Photo-degredables, during the normal life cycle of the product (whether this amounts to one day or 20 years) e.g. in storage, in business displays, in offices, at home etc. no decomposition process is released and no toxic arrears develop.

ASTM D 5511-02 : Example of Anaerobic Microbial Metabolism of Products Shifted with EcoPure


    Standart EPS Product (After Test)                                                 EcoPure  treated EPS Product (After Test)



Total Reaction consists of four main stages *

1. Hydrolysis.( Start up of reaction with effect of EcoPure in rich mikrobial environment. First few days ) 

2. Non-methanogenic Phase . Acidogenesis. ( Molecular break down of polymer chain within 2-6 months) 

3. Methanogenic Unsteady Phase. Acetogenesis. ( Transition phase and continuation of biodegredation , 6-18 months) 

4. Methanogenic Steady Phase. Methanogenesis. ( Completion of overall biodegredation.1-5 years ) 

* For more technical information about chemistry of EcoPure Technology, please see ''Technical Literature '' links of our web site or contact us.  

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